Heritage Steel guarantees the workmanship of our steel buildings for three years from date of installation.

20-Year limited rust-through warranty

  • Standard Horizontal style up to 31’ long
  • Standard Boxed-Eave style up to 31’ long

30-Year limited rust-through warranty

  • Standard Vertical style up to any length
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all certified units for wind and snow loads

 40-limited rust-through warranty

  • Premium Horizontal style up to 31’ long
  • Premium Boxed-Eave style up to 31’ long

LIFETIME limited rust-through warranty

  • 14-gauge and 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing
  • Premium Vertical style up to any length
  • Greenhouse trim/wainscot panels

Heritage Steel guarantees the workmanship of our vertical and modern style greenhouses for three years from the date of delivery and guarantee the workmanship of our horizontal and mini greenhouses for one year from the date of delivery.

Greenhouse Structure and Accessories

  • 22-gauge corrugated polycarbonate panels have a 10 year warranty to not lose more than 10% of light value.*
  • 12"x12" Fan with thermospeed controller has a 2 year manufacturing warranty.*
  • Ceiling mounted infrared heater has a 2 year manufacturing warranty.*
  • Misting system has a 2 year manufacturing warranty.*

All warranties assume normal care and maintenance using mild soap and water on steel materials. We do not recommend the use of any harsh chemicals. Warranties are limited and non-transferable.

*Terms and conditions apply.


This limited warranty does not apply in the following cases:

  • Attack from chemical agents, fumes, liquids, or solids other than direct rain falling onto product under warranty.
  • Contact with soils, ashes, fertilizers or other moisture retaining substances.
  • Failure to remove debris and/or failure to provide free drainage of water including internal condensation from all surfaces of the product.
  • Deterioration of the sheet metal caused by contact with green or wet timber or treated pine.
  • Installations subject to unusually corrosive environments at any time in the future.
  • Storm and tempest or other acts of God.



The paint film surface must be washed annually by cleaning with mild soap and clean neutral water. The paint film surface must not be cleaned with abrasives or chemical cleaners.



If buyer alters unit in any manner including but not limited to any interior or exterior modifications, running electric or plumbing through unit, moving or changing the location of unit or adding to the unit, all warranties are void at the time of modification.

A. Standard non-certified unit: unit is built according to Heritage Steel, llc specifications and industry standards, but may not be eligible for a building permit in certain areas.

I. Standard 14-gauge unit: the most popular unit sold is constructed with 2.5’’ galvanized steel square tubing. 90 Day workmanship warranty and an additional 10 year limited warranty on rust through of framing, assuming normal care and maintenance.

B. Certified unit: this unit is typically installed in areas requiring building permits. Certified units are built according to an engineered blueprint and are covered by a limited warranty with a wind and snow rating. Certification can vary by city, county and/or state. Ask about the limited warranty coverage in your area.

C. Anchors: all units are secured with anchors which pass through the base rail and into the ground/ concrete/asphalt/wood. As the base rail is only affixed to the ground/concrete/asphalt/wood with anchors, customers understand and agree that he/she may experience water leakage underneath the base rail.

I. Standard (non-certified units)- non-certified units are anchored with: rebar anchors for ground installation (the rebar is 30’’ long but may be shortened when installing in Difficult terrain); concrete anchors for concrete installation (concrete anchors are 6” long), mobile home anchors and asphalt mobile home anchors are also available for non-certified units at an additional cost.

II. Certified units: are anchored with mobile home anchors for ground installation and 6” concrete anchors for concrete installation. Engineered blueprints are required for any building that requires inspection and must be installed on ground or concrete. No other foundation is acceptable. Site must be 100% level or unit will not be certified