Value Greenhouse


Best suited for areas with mild weather and minimal snow, this inexpensive A-Frame style building is made with the roofing panels running horizontally. The panels may occasionally trap leaves, snow, and other debris and, in severe weather conditions, small amounts of water may seep in through the seams.

Best for:
Arid climates and limited tree coverage


The roof panels on this A-Frame style building run vertically, allowing it to shed snow easily. The vertical ribs provide additional strength, and there are no seams between the panels to trap sticks or debris.

Best for:
Areas with severe weather or snow


Designed with curb appeal in mind, the Modern greenhouse has an approx. 3/12 roof pitch. The roof panels run vertically, making this greenhouse both strong and good looking. It sheds snow easily, and the panels will not trap sticks or debris.

Best for:
Areas with severe weather or snow


Our greenhouses are made with 100% metal framing, so you will never have to worry about them rotting. We offer 3 different styles of greenhouses, each fully customizable with additional shelves, windows, doors, fans and water systems.

Standard Features

  • All structural members are made of 2.5” x 2.5”, 16-gauge galvanized tubing
  • 22 gauge polycarbonate panels used for siding and roofing material
  • Legs and rafters are spaced 4’ on center
  • 2' x 3' window in door
  • 1 - 12" wide shelf - 12' or 16' long
  • 12" x 12" fan with thermostat

Available Upgrades

  • 2’x3’ window built into the wall (available on the Modern greenhouse only)
  • Horizontal siding
  • Vertical wainscoating
  • Misting System - made of UV resistant material, the misting tubing is designed to withstand sun and weather exposure. 
  • Heating System - High efficiancy, advanced infrared technology, 1500 Watt, 5200 BTU, 2 heat settings, auto shut-off 



If you are unable to have your greenhouse delivered due to an existing fence, or limited access for a delivery truck, we offer an On-Site-Build option. For an additional 10% fee, we will assemble your greenhouse on location. Ask your dealer for details.


Building Permits

The customer is fully responsible for checking local building requirements to see if any permits are required to construct the greenhouse.

Site Preparation

Prior to the delivery of your greenhouse, it is crucial to ensure your site is level. We recommend the ground be level within 4" front to back and side to side. Improperly prepared sites may delay the setup or construction of your structure and result in additional fees.

Unsuccessful Delivery

If our driver is unable to deliver your greenhouse due to limited access to the site or because the site has not been properly prepared, a 10% fee will be charged. This fee must be paid to the driver at the time of attempted delivery; a new delivery date will not be scheduled until the fee has been paid.